Mrs. Jarvis - Nivens 
Design & Technology

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21st Century
After School Program

Enhance &
Practice Your Vocabulary

         - EABG Midland
  Email: [email protected]  Password: 21eagles

     Email: [email protected]  Password: tigerpaw

          Words With Friends EDU  
                             Class Code: 5W311

Students can learn how to develop apps for 

tablets and phones

School T-Shirt Design Contest

Design a shirt for the students at Midnimo to wear instead of their uniform.

We are having a School T-Shirt Design Contest, where a design winner from each grade level will be chosen and will win their own customized Midnimo t-shirt.  The 6th, 7th & 8th grade winning shirt designs will be offered to the student body to purchase as a uniform shirt.  


Room Recess                                      Online Reading Games                          Super Grammar Ninja                         Orpheus Figurative Language

Jeopardy & Millionaire Games

MATH Games

Math Jeopardy Games

Multiplication/Long Division Jeopardy             

Multiplication & Division Jeopardy                                           Division Millionaire  

6th Grade Math Jeopardy                                               Decimal Jeopardy 

Adding & Subtracting Decimals Millionaire             

Fractions, Decimals, Percents Jeopardy                          

Decimals to Percents Game 

Changing Fractions & Decimals to Percents Millionaire                              

Fractions, Decimals, Percents Jeopardy Game                   
Improper Fraction Jeopardy                                         Fractions Jeopardy  
Add/Subtract Fractions Jeopardy                                        GCF Jeopardy 

ELA Games

Context Clues/Prefixes/Suffixes Jeopardy

Context Clues Millionaire                                    Main Idea Millionaire  

Inferencing Rags to Riches                                Inferencing Millionaire   

Interjection and Conjunction Jeopardy

Super Hero Unit

Create Your Own Super Hero

Things to think about when creating your Super Hero:

What colors are their costume? 

Do they have a cape?

Do they wear a face mask or an eye mask

Do they wear a hat? 

Do they carry an item?

Do they have a super power?

                                  What is your Super Hero's name?                                    

Design your own Super Hero on any of these sites:

Toy Creator             Robot Builder           Design A Doll  

Design Your Super Hero's Hideout

Create a house or secret hideout for your Super Hero. Have the house match your Hero's costume colors, symbol, and/or super power. 

Isometric Drawing Tool

Design Your Super Hero's Vehicle 

Build A Car        Create A Ride           Design A Motorcycle

Video Game Design

Create Your Own Mario Brothers Flash Game

Create 3 of your own Super Mario Brother game levels under "Level Editor". Then test your own level to see if you need to make it harder, easier, or add more objects and details.