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Character Education

2016 Promising Practice Award Winner
for my community service project
"A Season Of Giving: Imagine Harrisburg Pike Toy Drive & Giving Tree"

​​2015 Promising Practice Award Winner 
for my community service project

Character Values

Take obligations seriously. Be accountable for your own actions and attitudes. Think before you act, consider consequences. 

Responsibility Resources

Responsibility Program                             Responsibility Quiz (3rd-6th) 
Taking Responsibility PP                                                 Responsibility Poem 
Responsibility Activities                             Was That Responsible? 
Responsibility Rap                                    Responsibility Song 
Responsibility Song                                  Responsibility Video 
Think about the concerns, cares, and feelings of others. Express gratitude, forgive others, and help those in need. Treat people with kindness and generosity. Help people in need. Be sensitive to people’s feelings. Never be mean or hurtful. Think about how your actions will affect others. Always remember: we become caring people by doing caring things!

Caring Resources
Caring Counts                                                            Caring Graffiti Wall 
Positive Caring Posters                                 Caring Compliments The ABC's of Caring   
Caught Being Caring                                       Caring Books 
How Full Is Your Bucket?                            Changing The World One Month At A Time Planting Seeds of Caring                           Caring Counts Video
Caring Is... Video                                                   Dynamite Caring Song 
Continue to try and do something despite obstacles or difficulties. Believe in yourself. 

 Perseverance Resources

NED Lesson Plans: Never Give Up, Encourage Others, Do Your Best 
Perseverance Books                                     Perseverance Activities   
How to Teach Perseverance                                              Grit Lesson: The Perseverance Walk   Perseverance Lesson                                                                Instilling Perseverance In Children 
Never Give Up Video                                      Micheal Jordan Perseverance Video
Show great interest and excitement in a subject or cause. 

Curiosity Resources

Curiosity Books​                                                                  Curiosity Activity Guide 
Creating Curious Thinkers                                                Strategies to Foster Curiosity
6 Ways to Build Greater Curiosity                                     Kid President Pep Talk Video
Curiosity Machine -building hands-on engineering design challenges
Classroom Activities to Stimulate Curiosity                      
Complete honesty, even when no one else knows the truth but you.

Integrity Resources

Do the right thing, keep your promises, and tell the truth at all times. 

Trustworthy Resources

Activity Guide-Trustworthy                                                            Trustworthiness K-4  Trustworthiness
Teaching Guide: Trustworthiness                                        Trustworthiness Pillar Activity Quickies
Exercising Character-Trustworthiness
Work together with others to complete tasks. 

Cooperation Resources

Put all of your energy into doing something. 

Effort Resources

Growth Mindset Lesson: Effort                                                               Making An Effort
My Personal Best - 6th Grade                                                                 Doing Your Best Lesson