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Sight Words & High Frequency Words

Wonder Words                                        Torture The Teacher                                 Personality Pumpkins

Sweet 16 Spelling                                    Spicy Synonyms                                     Word Ops

Idioms Hangman                                     Hawkabulary                                            Paralaughs

Semicolon Wars

Quizlet: 5th Grade Sight Words             Spellaroo             Spelling Gorillas         5th Grade Sight Word List

5th Grade Spelling Words                      5th Grade Spelling Word Search             5th Grade Spelling Soup

5th Grade Spelling Lessons                   5th Grade Vocabulary Games

6th Grade Spelling Words                    6th Grade Spelling Word Search            6th Grade Spelling Soup

6th Grade Spelling Lessons                 6th Grade Vocabulary Games               

7th Grade Vocabulary Games              7th Grade Spelling Lessons                   

8th Grade Spelling Lessons                 8th Grade Vocabulary Games

5th-8th Grade ELA Resources

News ELA- Differentiated Reading Articles                                                   Tween Tribune- Leveled Reading Articles
Online Reading Games                                                                         Sentence Surgeons 

Super Grammar Ninja                                                                           Orpheus Figurative Language

Word Clouds                                                                                                     Letter Creator 

Main Idea & Context Clues

Identify Main Idea- 6 questions                     Identify Main Idea- 4 questions                Get The Main Idea

Reading Detective- Main Idea                         Newspaper Reading Video                      Main Idea Quiz

Storm Cloud- Main Idea Game                        Main Idea Millionaire                                Comprehension Crane

Main Idea & Supporting Details Quiz            Cause & Effect                                           Fact or Opinion              Cow Context Clues                                         Figurative Language Baseball                 Context Clues Level 5

Inferencing & Drawing Conclusions

Inferencing Activities for Middle Schoolers                      Brain Pop Video: Make Inferences      

Words to use when you infer                      Inference Powerpoint                               Making Inferences Powerpoint

Inferencing Worksheets                                   Drawing A Conclusion                                Visual Clues Inferencing    Draw A Conclusion: Visual Details                       What Conclusions Can You Make?            What Happens Next?        What Is It?                                                        Where Am I?                                                         Making Inferences Quiz    Inference Lesson                                             Historical Photos Inferencing                        Making Inferences Pictures

Making Inferences & Drawing Conclusions     Making Inferences                                     Drawing Conclusions        Infer what a Newspaper article is about by its Headline

Inferencing Battleship                                  Inferencing Millionaire                                Splash The Sub Inferencing

Inferencing Rags to Riches                         Inference Riddles                                        What Can You Infer?      

Reading Detective                                       Drawing Conclusions Quiz 

Prepositions, Conjunctions & Interjections


Prepositions Excercise 1                               Prepositions Excercise 2                                    Identifying Prepositions       
Where are the Prepositions?                         Preposition Practice                                           Identifying Prepositions Quiz    Prepositional Phrases Quiz                           Prepositional Phrases Battleship                      Object of the Preposition Quiz 


Schoolhouse Rock, Conjunction Junction Video                                   Identifying Conjunctions       
Short Answer Conjunction Quiz                                                              Coordinating & Subordinating Conjunctions  


Interjection and Conjunction Jeopardy                                    Identifying Interjections         

Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Interjections Jeopardy                                         Parts of Speech Quest
Prepositions, Conjunctions, Interjections Jeopardy 2                                             Grammar Exercise - Parts of Speech 

Google Doc Shared Writing

        Everyone can work at the same time on Google Docs adding to our story and developing the prewriting and drafting stage of the 5 Step Writing Process. 
-Come up with a Title for our story
-Add more to our setting... our story takes place in a post apocalyptic
-Add information about different characters, protagonist and antagonist, include what motivates them and why they choose to be good or bad. 
-Create a visual image for one of the characters and paste it into the Google Doc
-Begin creating a story line:
      -  What is our story going to be about?
      -  What is the problem/conflict in the story?
      -  What are the heroes going to do to solve the problem/conflict?

Make Your Own Comic Strip

 Rug Rats Comic Strip #1      Rug Rats Comic Strip #2 

Create and write your own Comic Strip on 

  1. Comic Strip Maker 
  2. Comic Creator
  3. Make Beliefs Comix
  4. Strip Generator

Create your own Garfield & Friends Comic Strip 

Create an Arthur Comic Strip 

Create a Captain Underpants Comic Strip 

Create and write your own Marvel Super Heroes Comic Strip or Comic Book 

Create a Comic Strip on ToonDoo

Username: HarrisburgPike

Password: imagine

ComicsHead   UN: IHPCS  Password: imagine2015

Strip Creator