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Flat Jackson's Adventures
with Aunt Kat

I had the most exciting, busy, and best week ever visiting with my Aunt Kat. We went to so many different places and did a ton of fun things together. Aunt Kat is a Technology Integration Coordinator and webpage designer with Educational Solutions and works with four schools: Midnimo Cross Cultural Middle School, Educational Academy For Boys & GirlsCesar Chavez Elementary School, and the new Educational Academy For Boys & Girls West. Since she is a webpage designer, she has made me my very own webpage with all my adventures with her to share with Jackson Baldridge's 2nd grade class. 

The students at school call her Mrs. Jarvis-Nivens and her players call her Coach Kat, but I just call her the bestest aunt ever, my Aunt Kat

We always do so many fun things together and we normally always play some kinds of sport when we are together. 

   Here are our adventures together for the week.......

My Aunt Kat is currently working with teachers and students at Midnimo Cross Cultural Middle School in Columbus near the Columbus Crew Soccer Stadium. She is also helping with the after school program at Cesar Chavez-West, also known as Educational Academy of Boys & Girls West. 
As the Technology Integration Coordinator District Administrator, 
Aunt Kat helps teachers incorporate technology into their curriculum and lessons. She also teaches Graphic Design, which is art on the computer, to the middle school students in the 21st Century After School Program at Midnimo. She has her own website which she uses to teach students and as a resource for teachers in her school district. Check out her webpage it is full of fun educational learning games and graphic design projects for students Kindergarten through 8th grade. 

I met some amazing students while I was at Midnimo Cross Cultural Middle School this week. 

The Muslim students at school celebrated the holiday EID on Monday, September 12th and when they came back to school they had these beautiful henna tattoos all over their hands and arms. I thought the henna designs were super cool, so the 6th grade girls gave me my very own henna tattoos. 

We also went over to Cesar Chavez West this week to help with the after school program. The students are learning about Responsibility and wrote all kinds of ways they could be responsible on leaves and we created a Responsibili-Tree. The students are also having a Responsibility Comic Strip Contest for who can draw the best comic strip demonstrating Responsibility. My Responsibility comic strip is about helping clean up trash and messes at school. 

Aunt Kat was the Character Education Coordinator at her last school, so she is helping to create a Character Development program at Midnimo Middle School. The program will help teach students good moral values to become a better person and upstanding citizen. For the month of September the school is talking about Caring and this week Aunt Kat led a school wide Character Assembly on Caring. 

At the end of the assembly, all the students had to fill out a paper on how they will be caring at school. Aunt Kat included the Caring presentation and papers on how students will be caring, so our class could do the activity too.

We spelled out CARING in the lunch room with all the students caring pledges and made a big heart.

This week during the 21st Century After School Program in Graphic Design, we talked about how super heroes were caring by helping people in need. Then we created our own Caring Super Heroes on

 Toy Creator, it was so much fun. This is my super hero Hulk Angel, he flies around the city and helps people when they are in trouble. 

When Aunt Kat is not working with children teaching as Mrs. Jarvis-Nivens, she is working with them on the sports field coaching as Coach Kat. She has worked for Skyhawks Sports Academy for ten years and i9 Sports for nine seasons. Aunt Kat played soccer at the University of Findlay in college and now passes on her soccer knowledge to hundreds of children a year coaching soccer and and other sports she loves to play and teach. 

I am glad I was already dressed in my soccer uniform and ready to go for sports camps. 


On Monday we went to the Dublin Recreation Center for a Skyhawks Mini Hawk: Basketball, Baseball, Soccer camp. At camp, I learned how to dribble a basketball using my finger tips. I learned how to dribble a soccer ball, stop it using a trap, how to protect the ball using shielding, and how to change directions with the ball using the pizza pullback. I also learned how to throw a baseball by pointing my glove at the target, making an "L" with my throwing arm and swimming through with my arms. 

I made a "BOOYAH BULLSEYE", as Coach Kat likes to say, throwing at the target.  


On Tuesday we went out to dinner with Grandpa Jarvis and his fiance Ms. Sheri for Aunt Kat's birthday. We ate at 101 Kitchen in Gahanna and it was delicious. Aunt Kat had not seen her dad and Ms. Sheri in a while, so it was a great night catching up and hanging out for her birthday. I can't wait until Ms. Sheri is officially my Grandma! She is so nice and always makes sure to bring Jackson shrimp, because it's his favorite. 


On Wednesday we went to Coffman Park in Dublin for Skyhawks SNAG Golf Camp. SNAG means, Starting New At Golf. I learned how to drive, chip, and putt the golf ball at camp. You drive a golf ball at the beginning of a hole using a big full swing and hit the ball off a tee. You chip the ball when you are on the fairway to get the ball up in the air to get it on to the green. A chip is a medium swing and you bring your golf club to your waist. You putt when you are on the green to get the ball in the hole. A putt is a little swing where you tick-tock like a clock and point your club at the hole when you follow through.


On Thursday we went to Adventure Park in Powel for another SNAG Golf Camp where we got to chip off a hill onto the target area and played Chipping Battleship. We had to try to get 10 hits on the battleship to sink it. We got one hit for hitting the ball in the target area, two hits if the ball hit a big target or through the hoop, and three hits on the battleship if the ball hit a cone or yellow sticky target. My team the Cheeseburger Stinky Faces, won the Battleship game. We thought the team name we came up with ourselves was super funny and all laughed when Coach Kat yelled our team name for us to hit the ball for our    Cheeseburger Stinky Faces!!


On Friday we went to Victory Park in Pickerington for Skyhawks Basketball camp where I learned how to pass the ball to move it down the court. We learned five types of passes: bounce pass, chest pass, overhead pass, baseball pass, and the step around pass.


On Saturday we went to RO Park in Lewis Center for i9 Soccer. Coach Kat is the Soccer Coordinator there for ten soccer teams. It was a super busy day at the fields because it was Picture Day for all the players and teams. 

I practiced with the Unicorn Tigers team and was able to get my picture taken by the photographers too.  


On Sunday we went to Sycamore Creek Park in Pickerington for i9 Soccer where Coach Kat coaches two soccer teams, the Power Rangers and Ghost Buster Kicker Champions. We learned how to shoot the ball using a strong ninja kick and how to strike the ball with our shoe laces. Hiiiiyaaah!!

We also talked about the Sportsmanship Value of Sharing and ways we could Share on the soccer field. 

Coach Kat gave me a medal for Sharing, since I am sharing my adventures with Jackson's 2nd grade class. 

After soccer, we went to Westerville Central High School where Aunt Kat coaches two i9 Lacrosse teams, the Ohio Black Cheetah Machines and the Killer Warhawks. We got to play on the turf field inside the Warhawks' high school football stadium for lacrosse. We learned about face-offs, which is how you start a lacrosse game and three different techniques to use during a face-off, the rack, clamp, and the jam. 

After we were all done with sports camps for the day, we went to go see Uncle Drew at Romeo's Pizza in Pickerington. Uncle Drew showed us how to make a pizza, which and I got to help put the cheese on. I think the pizza tasted better then any other pizza I have had because this I made this one. Yummy in my Tummy!!

One Final Adventure Reuniting with Jackson

On our last adventure together, Aunt Kat and I met up with the family to go apple picking at Lynn's Fruit Farm in Pataskala. It has been a family tradition for over 20 years to go apple picking ever September at Lynn's. We went with Mommy, my brother John, Aunt Debbie, Mikey, Uncle Bill, and Aunt Kat. It was so great to see Jackson again and we had so much fun climbing trees and picking apples. We ate a bunch of apples while we were picking and tried so many different kinds of apples. 

I had a super busy and fun week of learning at school and playing all kinds of different sports with Aunt Kat. I am exhausted after my extremely busy week and glad to be back home with Jackson, so I can get some rest. I hope you enjoyed learning about all my great adventures and seeing all the people I met along the way. I hope you have a great school year Mrs. Kellett's 2nd Grade Class and please make sure to check out my Aunt Kat's website to play on all her great educational games and graphic design activities she has for her students.