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5-8th Grade Math Resources

Prodigy Math Game   Class Code: 69CH87                      TenMarks                        Study Island 

Math Practice By Standard                       Khan Academy Math- help with understanding Math concepts

Math Arcade Games                               Math Playground Games                              Interactive Math Games

Addition Games                          Addition Games                             Addition Practice                       Subtraction Games        Subtraction Practice                  Subtraction Games                        Multiplication Games                   Multiplication Practice    Division Games                          Division Practice                            Money Practice                           Decimals Practice

Measurement Practice               Comparison Practice                    Estimation Practice                  Mixed Equations Practice

Equation Games                         Integer Games                               Place Value Games                     Graphing Practice
Matching Games                         Multiplication Games                   Number Properties Practice    Number Patterns Practice
Statistics Practice                      Time Practice                               Classroom Math Games             Math Tic Tac Toe Games
Variety of Math Games               Math Jeopardy Games                 Algebra Math Games                  
Algebra Practice                          Fraction Practice                           Geometry Practice                     Ratios Practice
Math Millionaire Games              Middle School Math Games         5th Grade Math Jeopardy          5th Grade Math Games  5th Grade Math Practice            6th Grade Math Games                  6th Grade Math Practice           7th Grade Math Games  7th Grade Math Practice            8th Grade Math Games                  8th Grade Math Practice          

Math Games

Numeracy Games                                     Math Resources                                   Place Value Racing
Plotter the Penguin                                  Deep Sea Duel                                      Math Basketball   
Equivalent Fractions                               Turtle Pond Graphing                           Find Change 
Measuring Angles                                    Mummy Number Lines                        

Illuminations Resources

Illuminations 3rd-5th Grade Lessons                     Illuminations 6th-8th Grade Lessons

Math Interactives                               Math Games                    Math Brain Teasers


Kahoot!- Create your own quiz games, surveys and discussions

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Middle School Math Review                     Middle School Math Vocabulary 

Place Value

Place Value Games                                     More Place Value Games                             Rounding                    Interactive Place Value Games                  Gamequarium Place Value Games          FTT Place Value Games    "Fancy" Place Value Song                         Place Value Ones, Tens, Hundreds Song         Place Value Rap      

Place Value to Thousands Song               All About That Place Value Song  

Place Value Tutorial

Make Your Own Place Value Practice using Cups          



Place Value Games                 

Place Value GolfPlace value to thousands. 

Place Value HockeyIdentify Place Value & Type Numerals 

Level 1: ones to hundreds      Level 2: ones to millions     Level 3: ten thousandths to millions 

Jumble DigitsChoose the correct number for the correct place value

What is the Place Value?- Choose the correct place value name for the underlined number 

Standard Form Games

Place Value RacingIn this place value game students will practice reading and writing whole numbers in standard and word form.

Pac Man Place Value- Eat the correct answer written in standard form. 

Place Value Football- AdvancedIn this fun football game, kids will identify place value from ones through billions, and understand the relative sizes of digits in place-value notation.

Place Value FootballThis is a fun football game about identifying place value in decimals from ten thousandths through one thousand.

Standard Form- move the numbers to the correct ones to ten-thousands spot

Ones, Tens, Hundreds Block Games

Zoo WeighingIn every trial you will be given the animal's weight. Click the 10 unit weight or the 1 unit weight to stack up the weights, until it equals the animal's weight. Then push the "Balance" handle above to check if you were correct. 

Place Value Block Models- type the number for correct place value blocks

Shark Place Value Blocks- Count the place value blocks and choose the correct number

Base Ten Bingo- Count the place value blocks and try to make a BINGO

Number Sense Games

Number System- Place the numbers in the correct spot, ones to ten-thousands.

BAMZOOKi- Place Value Headings 

Teaching Place Value- Give the value of the digit in the ones to millions spot

Rounding Games

Spaceship Rounding- tests your ability to round to the nearest ten

Rounding Sharks- has you rounding to the nearest 100. 

Rounding Decimals SoccerIn this game you will practice your knowledge about rounding decimals to the nearest whole numbers.

Rounding Numbers Pirates - Use place value understanding to round whole numbers to the nearest 10 or 100, round multi-digit whole numbers to any place, and round decimals to any place.

Work on Place Value At Home

Scooter Quest- Identify where a given digit is. For example, which of these three numbers has a 3 in the ones digit? 104, 125, or 163? 

Scooter Quest Decimals- Identify where a given digit is. For example, which of these numbers has a 7 in the hundredths spot? 712.01, 37.07, 702.71

Fruit Shoot Place ValueCount the ones, tens blocks, hundreds blocks, and shoot the correct fruit with the matching number.  

Ways To Say A Number - Identify different ways of showing a number. For example, 103 is either 1 hundred + 3 ones or 10 tens +3 ones.

Fruit Shoot-  Shoot the fruit that has the correct number for the expanded form. For example, 6 tens and 3 ones = 63

Expanded Form Decimals Shoot the fruit that has the correct number for the expanded form. For example, 8 ones and 2 tenths = 8.2

Adding & Subtracting Decimals

Khan Academy Lining Up Decimals & Adding Zeros Video                      Lining Up Decimals Song        

Khan Academy Adding Decimals Video                                                      Decimals Song

Khan Academy Subtracting Decimals Video                                              Adding & Subtracting Decimals Song

Adding Decimals Soccer                     Subtracting Decimals Soccer                    Decimal Jeopardy 

Adding Decimals Baseball                  Subtracting Decimals Baseball                 Fractions, Decimals, Percents Jeopardy  

Adding Decimals Basketball               Subtracting Decimals Basketball             Santa Decimals Game

Hungry Puppies Decimals                   Alien Decimal Subtraction                        Decimal Football Field Goals

Matching Adding Decimals                 Subtracting Decimal Field Goals                 City Under Siege Decimals

Decimal Cruncher Addition                 Matching Subtracting Decimals               Castle Defender Decimals

Adding Decimals Bubbles                  Adding & Subtracting Decimals Hotel     

Alien Decimal Addition                      Adding & Subtracting Decimals Millionaire                                                            

Decimals & Percents 

Changing Fractions & Decimals to Percents Millionaire                               Changing Fractions to Percents

Fractions, Decimals, Percents Jeopardy Game                                             Decimals to Percents Game  

Long Multiplication & Division

Khan Academy Long Division Video                                                    Khan Academy Intro to Long Division     

Khan Academy Multiplying Multiple Numbers

Mrs. D's Multiplication Rap                             Multiplication Rap 2s-9s                                Multiplication Songs  

Multiplication Math Rap                                   Long Multiplication Song    

5th Grade Multiplication & Division WS        5th Grade Interactive Math Games                 Drag & Drop Math 


Mental Minute Multiplication                               Long Division Practice                                            Mr. N's Division Games    Multiplication/Long Division Jeopardy              5th Grade Multiplication & Division Jeopardy         Division Millionaire       Snork's Long Division                                          VoldeMath 


  1. Multiply a three-digit by a two-digit number - Online quiz that is self checking.
  2. Multiply a four-digit by a three-digit number - Online quiz that is self checking.
  3. Multiply a four-digit by a four-digit number - Online quiz that is self checking.
  4. Multiply a four-digit by a two-digit number - Online quiz that is self checking.
  5. Divide a four-digit by a two-digit number - Online quiz that is self checking.
  6. Divide a three-digit by a two-digit number - Online quiz that is self checking.


Khan Academy: Improper Fraction to Mixed Number Video             Khan Academy: Mixed Number to Improper Fraction 

Mixed Number & Improper Fraction Video            Khan Academy: Reducing Fractions               Reducing Fractions Rap


Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions                                          Converting Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions     

Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers                         Improper Fraction Jeopardy      

Improper Fraction Pac Man      

Fraction Fling                                                 Fraction Picture Match                                       Dirt Bike Equal Fractions

Reducing Fractions                                       Reducing Fractions Baseball                             Moon Shoot Fractions    

 Adding Fraction Rap                                   Khan Academy Adding Fractions Video             Mario Adding Fractions Video

 Khan Academy Adding Fractions With Different Denominators Video          

 Khan Academy Subtracting Fractions Video

   Adding/Subtracting Fractions Rap      Adding Fraction Shuffle Song

Adding Fractions Practice                     Adding Fractions Game           IXL Adding Fractions                       Frosty Fractions

Fruit Shoot Adding Fractions               Feed Me Fractions                     Adding Fractions Football   


Subtracting Fractions Practice                                     Fraction Subtraction                         Subtraction Fruit Shoot 

IXL Like Denominators Add/Subtract Fractions         Adding & Subtracting Racing           Soccer Add/Subtract Fractions   Adding & Subtracting Fractions Board Game            Add or Subtract Fractions Pac Man     

Add/Subtract Fractions Jeopardy                                Fractions Jeopardy                                   GCF Jeopardy 

Khan Academy Multiplying Fractions Video                            Multiplying Fractions Demo    

Multiplying Mixed Numbers Video                                            Multiplying Mixed Numbers Demo   

Picture Example of Multiplying Mixed Numbers                      Khan Academy Dividing Fractions Video


Multiplying Fractions Practice          Multiplying Fractions Millionaire           Multiplying Fractions Snowmobile Racing 

Timed Multiplication Fraction Practice         Multiplying Fractions Jeopardy       

Soccer Shootout Fractions (+ -- X /)        Multiplying Fractions Soccer (Hard)      


Khan Academy Multiplying Mixed Numbers        

Multiplying Mixed Numbers and Dividing Fractions Jeopardy      

Multiplying Mixed Numbers Quiz             Dividing Fractions Practice            Dividing Fractions Basketball    

Dividing Fractions Soccer                        Dividing Fractions Moon Shoot