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K-4th Grade Science Resources

Games & Interactives

Science Games                                   3rd-6th Grade Science Interactives

Science Activities & Games               Science Games for Kids

Science School of Dragons                Science Corner                                               

Food Chain Game                               

The Solar System

 Solar System Video                                        NASA-Solar System                                    Solar System Interactive Sites

Solar System Scavenger Hunt

NASA Solar System Lithograph Set      Astro Bingo                                         Star Child

Mercury Make A Mission                                 Make A Mission Activity Sheets                Planet Tic-Tac-Toe

Mars Explorer: Curiosity

States of Matter

The Human Body

K-1 Parts of the Body


Body Parts Song                                             Learning Body Parts Song                                         Skeleton Dance       

Parts of Body Pic                                            What is the Body Part? Picture

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes Song         Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes Zumba

Parts of the Body Video                                Parts of the Body & Their Function Video

Body Parts Interactive Lesson                      Body Parts     

Parts of the Face                                             Parts of Hands                                  Parts of the Legs

Match Body Part Picture to Word                  Body Parts Memory                          Personal Hygiene 

The 5 Senses                                                   Five Senses 

Color the Clown Face                                      Make A Face                       Make A Robot                       Crazy Animal Maker

Make A Monster

Tell us about your monster!

  • What color is he?
  • What color arms and legs does he have?
  • What does he look like? (Tell us about his eyes, his ears and his mouth.)
  • What can he do?                      

2nd & 3rd Grade Parts of the Body

Skeleton Video                                 Skeleton System              Skeleton Picture

Human Body BrainPOP Video        Human Body Activity       Parts of the Body Pic                          Body Part Explanation 

Human Body BrainPOP Video                    Body Parts Picture                                                Body Parts Interactive Lesson 

Human Body Interactive                             Match Body Part Picture to Word               

The 5 Senses                                               Five Senses

Body Parts Memory                                    Personal Hygiene                                                    Body Parts Matching     

Body Parts Sentences                               Body Parts Crossword                                            Body Parts Board Game

Color the Clown Face                                 Make A Face                                                            Make A Robot              

Guts & Bolts                                                Crazy Animal Maker

4th Grade Parts of the Body

Skeleton Video                                 Skeleton System              Skeleton Picture

Human Body BrainPOP Video        Human Body Activity       Parts of the Body Pic                          Body Part Explanation 

Labeling parts of the face. outer body, inner parts of the body         

Human Body Systems           Parts of Body Hangman            Spelling Parts of Body

 Human Body Interactive   

Inner Body Parts Picture                Body Parts Picture

Digestive System BrainPOP Video                             Build A Digestive System 

Inner Part of the Body Interactive                               Human Body Facts

Parts of the Body Complete the Sentence                 True or False Body Parts Facts

Parts of the Body Matching                                          Survival Code Fred

Parts of the Body Word Match w/ Audio                     Guts & Bolts

Word-O-Rama-Parts of the Body                                 Immune System Defender

Surgery Games

Anna's Brain Surgery                            Heart Surgery                                  Dental Surgery                           Brain Surgery 

Various Surgery Games                       Giving Birth                                      Doc McStuffins                          Minion Surgery

Sponge Bob Brain Surgery                  Hugglemonster Dentist                   Elsa's Arm Surgery

Barbie Stomach Surgery                      Ninja Turtle Spinal Surgery             Minion Injury

Subway Surfer Surgeon                       Surgery Games

ED Head Science Simulators

Nano Start UpNano Start Up is a science game for students to research and develop a business plan for a nanoparticle.

Trauma Room-   Trauma is a science game for students to learn what happens in the emergency room, stabilize a patient and determine why he passed out while driving. This activity ties to anatomy and health curricula.     

Hip Surgery- Virtual Hip Resurfacing Surgery is a science game for students in high school and early college and patients and their caregivers to take on the role of a surgeon and complete a hip resurfacing surgery while learning about the procedure, the technology, and health risks and benefits. Activity includes photos of real surgery.                      

Sickle Cell DNA-  Sickle Cell DNA is a science game for students to determine if a couple carry the genetic mutation for a disease and to learn how the mutation impacts offspring, protein folding and medical counseling.

Inventors and Inventions

 Identification of simple and compound machines.
 Compound machines, understanding/predicting forces.

1. An invention that helps with a problem or safety issue
Hair products just for African Americans and women (1890s)
Automatic elevator doors (1887)

2. An invention that improves an existing product or improves on something 

Create a timeline of the televison (TV) with pictures of each model
Create a timeline of the computer with pictures of each model

IBM Personal Computer (PC)

List the parts of a computer

Automated Shoemaking Machine
List the parts of a shoe
Design your own Nike shoe
Women's shoes
Men's shoes
Kid's shoes

3. An invention that has never been made or saves lives
Gas Masks (1914)
List jobs that wear gas masks
Traffic Light (1923)
List all who shares the road with cars

Drew the drawings for the first Telephone (1876)

Built the first Telephone (1876)
List jobs in pairs: Where one person draws the design and the other person builds the product
The First Telephone Worksheet
First mobile phone (1973)
Design a phone on Ed Heads 
Help engineering director Elena design and manufacture a cell phone to help senior citizens get the most out of new technology! 
Design your own phone in Microsoft Paint: What does it look like? What can it do?\

Food & Nutrition

Food Groups Interactive                        Exercise Interactive                               Food Group Matching

Food Groups Game                                Exercise Matching                                  Food Frenzy 

Delcious Dish                                          Food Drop                                               Food Detective

Blast Off Planet Power                           Smash Your Food                                   Plan Meals For the Day

Build A Balanced Meal                           Unmuddle The Meals                             Healthy Lunchbox

Take A Trip: Food Groups                      Take A Trip: Food Pyramid                    Make  Healthy Plate

Falling Food Groups                               My Plate                                                  Talking Food Pyramid

Shoot Your Food                                      Flying Food Drop                                   Food Coloring Pages

Healthy Harvest Maze                                 Cooking Academy                                  Healthy Games  

Weather & Climate

Weather Activity - Learn how to report and predict the weather at the underground W.H.E.D. weather caves!