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5th-8th Grade Social Studies Resources

Click the State & State Capitals                                       4th Grade Social Studies

Social Studies Games                                                      4th Grade Social Studies Standards

6th Grade Social Studies                                                  Map Games

USA Geography

USA States Map                           Learning US States                  Find the State                        Place the State 

Type the State Name                   Name the States             Which State Am I?      State Shape to Name Activities    Locate State on Map Activities    State Abbreviations Activities                              State Capitals Activities  

Matching State Nicknames          Learn the State Capitals           State Capitals                          

Match the Capital to the State     US Map Quiz                           North America Games

USA Puzzle                              US Geographic Regions          US State Games                      

World Geography 

Asia Map                                   Africa Map                               Europe Map                          North & South America

World Map                                Where In The World Is Carmen SanDiego?                         Geography Games

World Geography Games

National Geographics Kids

Geography Quiz                       Ultimate U.S. Road Trip                     Kennel Chaos                    Pluto's Secret  

Name the Vegetable                 Pipe Puzzle                                         GeoShapes                          Funny Fill-in  Artic Animal Memory               Big Cats Memory                                Dinosaurs Quiz                   Shark Quiz    Volcanoes Quiz                        Big Cats Quiz                                      Moon Quiz

Constitution Day September 17, 1787

Constitution Day (or Citizenship Day) is an American federal observance that recognizes the adoption of the United States Constitution and those who have become U.S. citizens. It is normally observed on September 17, the day in 1787 that delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the document in Philadelphia.           iCivics Games

School House Rock Preamble Song             Constitution Video             Constitution Song

Bill Of Rights K-3rd                   Bill Of Rights 4-6th                Ben's Guide to US Governement

Bill Of Rights Game 

The Bill of Rights is the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Rebuild the Bill of Rights by finding the missing rights and freedoms in Freeville. 

Constitution Game Show              Civic Responsibility Game             Win the White House

1. Which Founder Are You?

Find out which founding father you have the most in common with by taking this short quiz about yourself. 

2. Practice Your Public Speaking

The President has to give speeches to thousands of people, so they must have great public speaking skills. 

3. Be a Political Campaign Manager

Choose the winning strategy for your candidate and you might find yourself with an office in the White House! 

4. Become a Political Journalist

The same story about the same events can be written in many different ways. Create a newspaper article that gives readers the facts as fairly as possible, which isn’t always as easy as it sounds. 

5. Create A Presidential Campaign Button in Microsoft Paint

Imagine you are a candidate for President and Create your own campaign logo and button design.

Black History Month Lessons


Black History Month Interactives

Martin Luther King Jr. Poem

I have a dream, said Martin Luther King 
We're gonna make that dream come true. 
Let freedom ring, said Martin Luther King, 
It's up to me and you. 
It's not the color of your hair, 
It's not the color of your skin, 
It doesn't matter what you wear,  
It's the character within. 
I have a dream, said Martin Luther King 
We're gonna make that dream come true, 
Let freedom ring, said Martin Luther King 
It's up to me and you.

Black History Month Power Point Presentations

Research Template                                         5th/6th Grade Power Point Project

List of Influential African Americans


Rosa Parks                                        Harriet Tubman                            Sojourner Truth                          Madame C J Walker

Michelle Obama                               Condoleezza Rice                        Oprah Winfrey                            Jackie Joyner-Kersee 

Aretha Franklin                                 Daisy Bates                                  Bessie Coleman                        Harriet Beecher Stowe

Venus Williams                                 Serena Williams                           Dominique Dawes                     Coretta Scott King

Billie Holiday                                    Mae Jemison                                 Althea Gibson                            Ida B. Wells-Barnett 

Zora Neale Hurston                          Ruby Bridges          


Martin Luther King                          Thurgood Marshall                       Malcolm X                           George Washington Carver

Benjamin Banneker                         Ronald E. McNair                         Barack Obama                    Colin Powell           Frederick Douglass                         Kenny Washington                      W.E.B. DuBois                     Booker T. Washington

Nelson Mandela                                Muhammad Ali                            Jackie Robinson                  Ray Charles           

Spike Lee                                          Jesse Owens                               Pele                                        Tiger Woods  

Hank Aaron                                      Michael Jordan                             Lebron James

   Alternative List of Biographies

Blabberize Black History

Blabberize Project Explaination                                                                 Martin Luther King Blabberize Demo


Create a talking picture of your Influential African American with them saying why they are on your $15 Dollar Bill. 

Use the answers you wrote on your worksheet and talk as if you were the person: 

  1.  Say the name of the person
  2. Describe why you were choosen for the $15 Dollar Bill
  3. Why you are important to Black History
  4.  What your accomplishments are 

Username: harrisburg pike

Password: imagine